Acon Digital Verberate 2.0.4 Mac KeygenAcon Digital Verberate 2.2.1 mac full is a very realistic algorithmic reverb plug-in that emulates a real acoustic environment that reproduces early reflections and a dense reverberant tail. Verberate is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates a very realistic and realistic acoustic environment.

Like the stereo version, Verberate Immersive 2 includes a new Acon Digital Vivid Hall algorithm that adds time dispersion and maintains the natural high-density reverb tail while avoiding the stiffness that plagues convolution-based reverb To do. An algorithm based on a completely new technology designed for natural and primitive reverb tails without repeating patterns, resonances, or other artifacts.

Verberate Immersive 2 provides complete and independent control of dry sound panning, late reverb and early reflection. The panner works in up to 3 dimensions and can adjust the divergence. Pan position and branching are visualized and adjusted in an intuitive way, simplifying the automation of complex movements.

In summary, Acon Digital’s reverberation plug-in provides a high-quality audio reverberation design that carefully emulates the actual acoustic space. The user interface is very intuitive and you can experiment with sounds using presets or manage your own presets.

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Acon Digital Verberate 2.2.1 macOS Torrent Features

  • Highly realistic simulation of real acoustical spaces and mechanical plates
  • The new time variant Vivid Hall algorithm goes beyond convolution
  • Powerful decay editor allows frequency dependent reverb times
  • Versatile integrated output equalizer
  • Optional swirl effect models the frequency modulated cloud-like reverb tails of vintage digital reverb units Uncluttered user interface
  • Graphical visualization of equalizer frequency response and frequency-dependent reverberation times
  • Preset manager and a large number of factory presets
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

Acon Digital Verberate 2.0.4 Mac Keygen

macOS Requirements

  • macOS / OS X 10.8 or later
  • 1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • 1 GB free HD space
  • A host application that is compatible with (32 bit or 64 bit) AU, VST, VST3 or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)


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