Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle v2.0 + Pro Texture Packs for Texturino

A real vector sketch of Adobe Illustrator. The only tool that enables true vector sketching in Illustrator. Intuitively sketch variable-width strokes set by tablet pressure or mouse speed with a live preview of the path. You can also apply a brush to draw. You need a tool for freehand drawing.

Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle v2.0 Mac OSX

Leverage Texturino with the Pro Texture Pack Use these packs created specifically for Texturino to extend the range of textures that can be immediately applied to artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

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Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle 2.0 include

AstuteBuddy 1.0.1

Autosaviour 2.2.3
ColliderScribe 3.0.2
DirectPrefs 1.1.2
DynamicSketch 3.0.2
FindReplace 1.0.0
InkQuest 2.0.1
InkScribe 2.0.1
MirrorMe 2.0.1
Phantasm 5.0.1
Rasterino 2.0.1
Stipplism 2.0.1
Stylism 2.0.1
SubScribe 3.0.1
Texturino 2.0.1
VectorFirstAid 3.0.1
VectorScribe 4.0.3
WidthScribe 3.0.1
Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle v2.0 Mac OSX
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, Adobe Illustrator СС2019, 2020



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