Cleaner-App Pro 8.0.1 Full macOS

Cleaner-App Pro 8.0.1 Full macOSCleaner-App Pro 8.0.1 is an all-in-one application that makes it easy to free up storage space on your Mac. If your Mac is full of disks and you just want to see if there are a lot of duplicate files or occupying space, Cleaner-App is the ultimate solution.

Cleaner-App is a quick space cleaner, which uses multiple featured tools all packaged in one software application:

  • Disk space cleaner
  • Duplicate files finder
  • Same name files finder
  • Downloaded files finder

With your permission, the cleaner application will locate and display the biggest, potentially unwanted files, that have been using up space without your notice.

How to clear disk space on your Mac using Cleaner-App:

  1. Launch the application to scan your Home folder.
  2. Switch to each section to see your biggest files, duplicate files, same name files and downloads.
  3. Select unneeded files from your Mac storage and click the Next button.
  4. Overview the selected files and if you are sure you do not need them anymore, confirm the removal.
  5. The files will be moved to Trash bin.

Please note that in the Removal Confirmation window, you can always uncheck specific files from being deleted.

With Cleaner-App you can promptly complete the cleanup of your Mac and get rid of clutter that has been using up your resources.

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Biggest Files Section

  • Analyze your disk space usage
  • Find the biggest files on your Mac
  • Remove the bulkiest content from your disk

Downloads Section

  • Preview a list of all downloaded files on your Mac
  • Remove unneeded downloads

Duplicate Files Section

  • Find duplicate files (photos, videos, music, documents and any other type of files)
  • Search duplicates by name
  • Sort duplicates by name, size or file type
  • Remove useless duplicate content

Same Name Files Section

  • Find files with identical names
  • Search files by name
  • Sort files by name, size or type
  • Organize your files by renaming them or removing duplicates

Looking for the most efficient way to free up space on your disk?

Cleaner-App will find unneeded files for you and help you to get rid of them easily.

Cleaner-App Pro 8.0.1 Full macOS

What’s New:

Version 8.0.1

  • Added three new categories to clean up Mac:
    • Installer Packages
    • Screenshots
    • Photo Series
  • Updated application UI
  • Disk scanning speed improved
  • Cleaner-App optimized for the latest macOS
  • Improved appearance of the removal confirmation panel
  • Added the ability to scan and clean up any hard drive connected to the Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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