Clover EFI bootloader v5.0 r5115 For MacOS

Clover EFI bootloader v5.0 r5115 For MacOSClover EFI boot loader is specially designed for booting OS X, Windows, and Linux on a Mac or PC with UEFI or BIOS firmware. It is based on different projects: Clover, rEFIt, XNU, VirtualBox. The main is EDK2 latest revision. The Clover EFI software comes with its own installer package, which means that the entire process is reduced to simply following the on-screen instructions. Naturally, you will have to provide the credentials for your computer’s admin account.

The Clover EFI bootloader provides the option to personalize the bootloader installation. You can choose to install Clover EFI for UEFI boot only, you can install Clover EFI for ESP, apply custom themes, and decide which drives or scripts to deploy. Such. In addition, Clover EFI also allows you to integrate a custom settings pane into your system settings window. As a result, you can easily update your bootloader, change the Clover theme, and adjust the number of log files and backups your Clover EFI needs to keep. Clover EFI is a handy tool if you’re running macOS on a non-Apple computer with an integrated UEFI motherboard. The installer replaces the default boot loader, integrates powerful drivers, and allows you to customize both the behavior and appearance of macOS.

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Clover EFI bootloader 2020 Key Features:

  • Boot OS X, Windows, and Linux in UEFI or legacy mode on Mac or PC with UEFI or BIOS firmware
  • Boot using UEFI firmware directly or CloverEFI UEFI firmware emulation
  • Customizable GUI including themes, icons, fonts, background images, animations, and mouse pointers.
  • Native screen resolution in GUI
  • Press Page Up or Page Down to change GUI resolution
  • Press F1 for multilingual help, depending on language setting in the configuration
  • Press F2 to save preboot.log from GUI
  • Press F4 to save original (OEM) ACPI tables into /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/origin
  • Press F5 to test DSDT patching
  • Press F6 to save graphics firmware into /EFI/CLOVER/misc
  • Press F10 to save screenshots from GUI
  • Press F12 to eject CD/DVD
  • GUI refreshes after CD/DVD insertion
  • Ability to boot previously selected boot entry after the default timeout
  • Boot entries menu scrolls if the screen resolution is too low for menu
  • Create custom boot entries for personalizing boot entries and add support for other operating systems
  • Create Clover boot entry in NVRAM with a tool from GUI
  • Launch EFI command shell from GUIClover EFI bootloader 2020 Key Features:

About software:

  • Title: Clover EFI bootloader v5.0 r5115
  • Developer: apianti, blackosx, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.5 or later
  • Language: Multilangual

Clover EFI bootloader v5.0 r5115 For MacOS

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