Display Maid 3.2.1 Mac Torrent

Display Maid 3.2.1 Full macOS allows you to save and restore windows locations based on display configuration or user-created profiles. If you have a laptop that you use with one or more external displays, and you get tired of having to rearrange windows every time you plug / unplug your screen, Display Maid is for you. If you find yourself constantly rearranging window positions for different tasks (working versus presentations), Display Maid can help. And it natively works on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs!

Display Maid 3.2.1 Mac Torrent

With the help of Display Maid 3, you can save one set of windows with one screen and another set of multiple screens. It allows you to restore your layouts with appropriate display configuration. The app allows you to create profiles and save different window positions without wasting any time. It has the ability to restore window positions whenever a screen is plugged in or cut off. In short, Display Maid is a great app for recovering window sites exclusively.

Display Maid 3.2.1 For Mac Key Features

  • Arrange your windows the way you like and then save the positions of those windows.
  • Restore the last saved set of window positions with a single click, or keyboard shortcut.
  • Windows can be saved/restored globally, or by individual app.
  • Create profiles and save mutilple window position sets.
  • Automatically restore window positions when a display is connected/disconnected.
  • Automatically restore window positions when an app is launched.

Display Maid 3.2.1 Mac Torrent

What’s New in Version 3.0:

New Features

  • Profiles! Profiles let you save mutliple window save states at the same time.
  • Change profiles from the Display Maid menu
  • Use Command + Control + Tab to bring up a quick profile switcher.
  • Now works without complaint on macOS Big Sir
  • Runs natively on Apple Silicon

System Requirements for Display Maid 3 for Mac

  • macOS 10.10 or later
  • 30 MB free HDD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 64-bit Intel processor

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