DupeZap 4.1.0 Mac Full Download

DupeZap 4.1.0 Mac Full DownloadDupeZap 4.1.0 mac torrent is a modern copy finder with a stylish interface that is easy to use and unrivaled and powerful. It is very fast and scans your computer accurately. Search for duplicate photos, iTunes files, and detect duplicate file types and folders in your hard drive or other storage types.

DupeZap organizes duplicates by type (images, music, movies, archives, documents, etc.) and groups, and provides details about each file, including the possibility to play thumbnails and media files.

In the DupeZap main window, you can see a list of duplicates along with all the files associated with a particular entry. The app can automatically mark things to delete, but you can easily confirm or correct your selection.

DupeZap Result Viewer provides complete path of each file, modification date, size and type. For convenience, DupeZap also integrates preview options for certain file formats.

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Features of DupeZap 4.1.0 Mac OS Torrent

  • Search for any file:
    • Scan for Photos and iTunes duplicate files
    • Find any duplicate file type (PDFs, images, movies, etc…)
    • Search for duplicate folders
  • Scan anywhere:
    • Search in your hard drive
    • Scan any mounted disk (external hard drives, USB keys, etc…)
    • Search in multiple locations at the same time, and enable additional features that help you in the cleaning of duplicates
  • Easily select duplicate files:
    • Result organized based on file types
    • Result organized based on path of files (if search was performed in multiple locations)
    • Automatic marking for a fast remotion
    • Several marking options (mark oldest, newest, etc…) available for single locations or for all found duplicates
    • Multiple files preview
  • Safely delete or move marked duplicates:
    • Delete the marked duplicates
    • Move them to a folder instead of deleting them
    • Replace the removed files with hard links, if desired
    • Restore the removed (or moved) items if a mistake was made
  • Additional features:
    • iTunes “Dead” track report
    • Empty folders report
    • Save the result to continue the cleaning job later
    • Export the result to consult it in a spreadsheet app
  • And much more

DupeZap 4.1.0 Mac Full Download

What’s new in DupeZap in Version 4.1.0:

  • Added the compatibility to macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Bug fixes

Mac OS Requirements

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Specifically written for macOS 10.13 Sierra


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