Hazel 5.2 Cracked For macOS

Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage your trash and uninstall your applications.

Apple’s smart folders and folder actions together brought some intelligence to macOS. Smart folders let you see the results of a query as if it were the contents of a folder and have those results automatically updated whenever files or folders change. Folder actions allow connecting scripts to folders that run whenever the contents of the folders change.

Hazel 5.2 Cracked For macOS

But as clever as those two options are, they don’t combine to allow the kind of workflows that you may need for day-to-day work or to improve efficiency. Hazel fills that gap by pairing the observation of folder contents, including the special system Trash folder, with rules and actions.

Based on what it finds, it can notify you, delete files and folders, move them to other locations, rename them using a pattern, tag them and add comments, or import them as media into Music, Photos, or TV libraries. Rules can also produce notifications with optional audio alerts and upload files to several kinds of FTP and web servers. It can leverage Apple’s smart folders by letting you monitor those virtual collections as well as static folders. No coding knowledge is required to use Hazel.


Automatically Organize

Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create. Have Hazel move files around based on name, date, type, what site it came from and much more. Automatically sort your movies or file your bills. Keep your files off the desktop and put them where they belong.

More Than Just Filing

Hazel can open, archive, tag and even upload. You can have Hazel rename your files or sort them into subfolders based on name, date or whatever combination of attributes you choose. Coupled with Hazel’s powerful pattern matching, you can create workflows to process your files, your way.

Taking Out The Trash

Have Hazel keep your trash in check, deleting files that are too old or clearing things out when the trash gets too big. Also, when you delete applications, they can leave behind support files that never get cleaned up. With Hazel’s App Sweep, Hazel will detect when you throw an application away, search for its support files and offer to throw those away as well.

Total Support

Spotlight integration. Photos, Music & TV importing. Notifications. Tags. AppleScript & Automator. Hazel provides deep support for macOS technologies, leveraging everything your system has to offer.

What’s new in version 5.2

Updated on Nov 02 2022

New Features:
  • Relocate folder now broken out into its own window accessible from the Folders->Replace Folder… menu.
  • Added “Show in Finder” to the popup for destination folders.
Interface changes:
  • Fixed certain popovers (like the “Other” attributes list) not showing up on Ventura.
  • Updated “Full Disk Access” UI for Ventura.
  • Various UI tweaks/fixes for Ventura.
  • Fixed hang when loading tables with blank lines.
  • Fixed hang when loading tables from a non-existent file.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when syncing rules.
  • Fixed handling of inaccessible folders when using the preview function.
Core changes:
  • Fix for issues with helper process on Ventura that would either prevent the helper from running or cause issues when trying to run rules..
  • Fixed Unarchive action not properly handling .tgz files.
  • When deleting files from the trash, will now ignore the “secure delete” setting for SSDs and encrypted drives. The secure delete function doesn’t work on SSDs and is unneeded on encrypted drives.
  • Misc. changes.

Hazel 5.2 Cracked For macOS

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.14.0 or later

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