iDatabase 6.1 Mac OSX Full

iDatabase 6.1 Mac OSX FulliDatabase for Mac is a Mac app that simplifies the creation of databases, inventory, collections, and lists of items. iDatabase is perfect for anyone who wants to manage, store, and quickly retrieve information for their passions and daily tasks.

With this database manager for Mac, you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, and keep track of Internet accounts and more. Easily customize from 22 out-of-the-box database templates to organize any kind of information or create an entirely new database from scratch.

Included templates

Choose from 22 ready-to-use database templates and personalize to your needs. Includes the following templates: Accounts, Books, CD Collections, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, DVD Collections, Events, Exercise Logs, Costs, Inventory, Membership Lists, Mobile Phones, Movie Catalogs, Notes, Pets Care, projects, recipes, records, things to do, vehicle maintenance.

Supported fields

iDatabase has many different fields for entering information. With iDatabase, you can store data in 14 different fields.

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iDatabase 6.1 For Mac OSX Key Features

  • Small Text Field use small text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a single line of text without scrolling bar.
  • Large Text Field use large text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a multi line of text with scrolling bar.
  • Number Field use number fields to store numbers.
  • Date Field use date fields to store dates.
  • Time Field use time fields to store time.
  • Date and Time Field use Date and Time fields to store a date and time together to reference a fixed point in calendar time.
  • Choose Field use item picker fields to present a list of mutually exclusive choices. Item picker fields are used as a means of selecting one choice from a list of two or many.
  • Image fields use image fields to store images.
  • Separator Field use separators to divide a record into distinct visual parts.
  • Password Field use password fields to store passwords or any other sensible text data.
  • Web Link Field use Web link fields to store web links, FTP addresses or any other URL.
  • Email Field use Email fields to store email addresses.
  • Checkbox field use checkboxes fields to indicate one option that must be either on or off.
  • Calculation Field use calculation fields to present the result of a arithmetic operation between number fields content. A calculation field can be a result of addition, multiplication, ratio and subtraction.

iDatabase 6.1 Mac OSX Full

Compatibility:  OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit


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