Logoist 4.0 For MacOS

Logoist 4.0 For MacOSLogoist 4 is a powerful, easy-to-use graphic application that helps you create impressive images such as logos, title art, icons, banners, website elements, greeting card headlines, buttons, iBooks Author titles, image collages, and more.  Logoist allows you to design images using layers, sophisticated effects, and eye-catching shaders.

Logoist not only provides a plethora of templates, thereby ensuring an easy start for users without any prior experience with vector applications, but also puts powerful and exclusive tools in the hands of professional users. Logoist also brings the new focus mode with it to hide the rest of the project while editing an object. Cutting and masking are also supported by CoreML, which brings much more precise results. Multi-point gradients enable color gradients with several points, lines, and Bézier paths. The alignment of text on any path is also one of the important innovations. In addition, the user interface has been improved in dark mode and in the bright display. Export your work in a wide range of formats such as an SVG, PNG, PSD, HEIF/HEIC, and JPG, to make it available for printing or other purposes.

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Logoist 2020 Key Features:

  • Clean user interface (including Dark Mode)
  • Dozens of combinable styles, effects, and filters
  • Thousands of clip art and hundreds of fully customizable style templates
  • Non-destructive boolean operations while preserving all vector information
  • Suitable for pixel graphics, web, and resolution-independent print products
  • X-ray mode for editing complex object and layer structures
  • Pixel mode to create pixel-accurate designs
  • Flexible group management and innovative layer management features
  • All filters and effects are non-destructive and can be modified anytime
  • Vectorizer: Converts any graphic element into a resolution-independent vector format
  • Vector export file formats: PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG, JPG, HEIF, layered Photoshop PSDs, layers as separate PNG files.

New Features of Logoist:

  • Vastly improved User Interface
  • Enhanced Dark Mode
  • Vectorizer: Turn bitmaps into vector graphics – assisted by Machine Learning
  • Enhance Images: Remove noise and compression artifacts – also ML-assisted
  • Improved image cropping and background removal
  • Complete new rendering pipeline based on Apple Metal for smooth zooming and editing
  • Dramatically increased performance – edit thousands of objects in a single design at 60fps
  • New Focus Mode: Edit a specific set of objects while hiding everything else
  • Multiple Artboards: Keep drafts or different designs in a single document
  • Multipoint Gradients: Create smooth gradients along with arbitrary points, lines, and curves
  • Align text to any path or object
  • Many new filters, generators, style presets and card presets
  • Improved printing including support for multiple artboardsLogoist 4.0 For MacOS

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64bit

Logoist 4.0 For macOS

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