MP4tools 3.7.2 MacOS Full

MP4tools 3.7.2 full mac is part of the VIDEOtoolbox application suite used to create and edit MP4 videos. Designed primarily for processing video files for use on hardware that can play MP4 or M4V video, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS3. As the name suggests, MP4tools is a graphical interface for various tools that help you process video files.

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MP4tools 3.7.2 MacOS Torrent Features

  • Convert MP4 video from various video file formats such as MKV, MP4, OGM, AVI.
  • Most videos can be converted without re-encoding the video and audio tracks, so the process takes minutes instead of hours and no quality is lost.
  • A simplified intuitive user interface that removes guesswork from MP4 video processing.
  • Ability to convert various surround sound audio to 5.1 AC3 or 5.1 AAC.
  • Intuitively select the video, audio and subtitle tracks to process and use video preview to confirm your selection.
  • Use one-step encoding presets to play on common hardware such as iPhone and Apple TV.
  • Write subtitle tracks to video (such as hard-coded), or mux (soft subtitles) from internal tracks or external subtitle files commonly found on the Internet.
  • Control the font, size, and position of embedded subtitles.
  • Splits the MP4 video by the specified file size segment or start / end time.
  • Adjust the pixel aspect ratio of MP4 video.
  • Participate in MP4 video.
  • Extract selected tracks from MP4 video as individual video and / or audio files.
  • Add jobs to the queue individually or in batches by drag and drop so that multiple files can be processed overnight (registered copies only).
  • Easily create batches by applying one setting to a group of files (registered copies only).

MP4tools 3.7.2 MacOS Full

System Requirements:
– MP4tools is Intel-only (64-bit) and requires Mac OS X 10.9.x or later

MP4tools 3.7.2.mac-torrent.7z

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