Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1 Full macOS

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 is the latest version of a plug-in package for shooters and editors that operate media on cameras and audio devices. Shooter Suite is a set of four tools that allows you to shoot freely and in any way you like, with confidence that you can create video in sync safely and properly from the camera to the editing timeline.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1 Full macOS

In addition, it provides a powerful toolset that supports collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro and improves the accuracy of video editing. It provides a complete toolset for preparing media files and provides fast video processing. In addition, users can work with 4K and high-resolution video to enhance and support all video formats used. Simply put, it is a powerful application for editing and enhancing videos.

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Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1 Overview

Audio / video sync
Shooter Suite includes Shooter PluralEyes. ShooterPluralEyes is a standalone application that provides the most accurate A / V synchronization available in a nonlinear editor. PluralEyes synchronizes audio and multi-camera video in seconds with the push of a single button. PluralEyes works with many NLEs, but you can also sync directly with Adobe Premiere Pro so you don’t have to leave the app.

Use Shooter Offload, a stand-alone application that works with virtually any type of camera card and file format, to get a simple and reliable backup of your footage. With offload, you can use both redundancy options to fully trust your backups, compare your duplicate files with the original files, and verify the exact copy.

Upconversion and deinterlacing
Mixing old footage with the latest video formats on the same timeline can slow down your work and make your work look worse. Shooter Instant 4K can upconvert videos to 4K resolution, which is superior to NLE scaling tools. Shooter frames can be converted to 24P by deinterlacing, smoothing, and removing artifacts from old video.

Red Giant Shooter Suite is a set of stand-alone applications and plug-ins that allows you to shoot freely with confidence, with confidence that the video from the camera to the editing timeline is safe and synchronized. . .

Shooter Suite consists of several different tools, each with its own compatibility information. Please see the compatibility details for each product.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1 Full macOS

Features of Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1 for Mac

  • Powerful application to edit and enhance the videos
  • Simple and easily understandable environment
  • Supports editing and synchronizing the audio and video
  • A professional set of tools for improving the videos
  • Provides a higher rate of accuracy and the ultimate level of performance
  • Create films professionally and integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Backing up the videos and editing the videos from various cameras
  • Supports almost all the media formats and editing HD and 4K videos
  • Deinterlace video frames and many other powerful options and features

Mac OSX Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.10 and later
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 300 MB of Hard Drive space


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