Smooze 1.7.8 Mac OS Torrent

Smooze 1.7.8 mac torrent download is a perfect unobtrusive tool created to help you make scrolling easier, as well as to add custom mouse button actions and mouse gestures to any app.

Although MacOS comes with the Mouse Preference pane, it is very limited as it offers insufficient options to customize the scroll feature and mouse buttons and no mouse gesture support at all.

Smooze is an app designed to fill the gap left by Apple in the macOS mouse allocation section.

Once started, Smooze will add an item in the status bar with a menu that lets you set the app to start automatically when you sign in, as well as disable custom scrolling engine and button actions and access its options. You can also download Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1 Full For macOS from here.

Smooze  Mac OS X Key Features

  • Disable scroll acceleration in macOS 10.12 Sierra and select the number of lines you want to scroll on each tick (These features are free and will always be free)
  • Assign gestures to any button / shortcut / app
  • Every app you own will have buttery smooth scrolling
  • Save time by attaching mouse buttons to actions
  • Highly optimized & Uses a very small percentage of your CPU, even on excessive use.
  • Auto Scroll – You can now click a selected mouse button once to auto scroll anywhere on the screen, hands free, with buttery smooth animations!
  • Grab & Drag & Throw – You can now use a mouse button to grab and scroll anywhere on the screen. Throwing will animate the scrolling just like it would on a trackpad
  • Cursor acceleration can be changed or disabled from the settings
  • Smooze synchronizes its drawings to the refresh rate of your display which ensures the best scrolling experience.

Smooze 1.7.8 Mac OS Torrent

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit


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