SMS Mac is an application to quickly enter an SMS text message and send it over the Internet to any mobile number in the world. You don’t need a cell phone. Supports Unicode and long messages (sequential SMS) and Flash SMS (Europe only). Many more special SMS features are planned.

You can run SMS Mac in different ways: as a stand-alone application that interacts with Contacts, a Dashboard Widget or using AppleScripts.

SMS Mac integrates seamlessly with your Contacts (previously called Address Book). With the SMS Mac application installed, you simply open the Contact of your friend or family member and click the mobile phone number. You can also select a group of contacts and send an SMS to all members of the group.

SMS Mac 3.0b4 Key Features

Group SMS (on Mac OS X)
Number Portability
Standard SMS
Long SMS* (up to 459 characters)
Unicode SMS
Support for Caller ID** (= Sender ID)
Support for the full GSM 7 bit alphabet: ü, ö, é, ñ etc.
Receiving SMS replies via email
Delivery reports delivered to an email address you can specify
Detection of SIM memory full on recipient’s mobile phone (where available)
Special routing on an individual mobile number is possible
AppleScript support
Helpbook and online help

  • This rocks! Great product with a really easy install.”, Scott, USA.
  • SMS Mac is a great idea and indeed much needed.”, Julius, Germany.
  • SMS Mac is a brilliant as I get no mobile signal at home, so at least this way I can easily send out texts.”, John, United Kingdom.

SMS Mac 3.0b4 Free Download

SMS Mac also supports AppleScript. The SMS Mac Script app allows you to send an SMS when a certain event occurs. For example, you can use it with iCal. You can configure iCal and SMS Mac to send yourself an SMS to remind you of an important meeting. On a Mac OS X server, you can use this to send an SMS alert to the system administrator when a certain situation occurs. Several sample scripts are included.

App requirements:

  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later

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Download Here


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