TKActions 7.2 Panels for Adobe Photoshop MacOS

TKActions 7.2 panels is the newest release of the comprehensive panel for making luminosity masks and running Photoshop. It includes many new features in addition to all the features of the previous V7 panel. Like its predecessor, the TK7 panel is modular, allowing users to configure it in the best way in their workspace. The combo module has two different arrangements, allowing for new and compact layouts as needed.

TKActions 7.2 Panels for Adobe Photoshop MacOS

luminosity masks and other pixel-based masks at near real time speeds. The mask-based interface calculates 16-bit masks and users see these up front to make intelligent choices about which one to use. The interface is organized with a top-to-bottom workflow that makes creating masks quick and easy. Numbered sections guide users through the process. There are several modification options including a mask calculator that allows all masks, even modified masks, to be combined in unique ways. The video below provides an overview of all the overall layout of the panel and the newest features.

The TK panel is used worldwide and has six common languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese. Is pre-programmed. Users can choose their preferred language.

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TKActions 7.2 Panels for Adobe Photoshop

  • ew for 2020−The newly designed Go module makes masks by a new process. They’re still fast and they’re still 16-bit.
  • Three-step process for making masks−MASK, MODIFY, and OUTPUT. Just work top to bottom to create and deploy an infinite number of pixel-based masks.
  • Updated masks−New Zone masks are more linear with respect to the tonal spectrum and Infinity Color masks now have color presets and enhanced brightness control.
  • Add and subtract masks with ease−The mask calculator provides an easy way to add, subtract, or intersect any mask created by the panel.
  • Easy access output options−The most common output options are right on the main interface.
  • Accent color interface−Only one accent color for the entire module that users can change to whatever they prefer.
  • Click-tracking−Buttons retain an accent-colored shadow after clicking so users can track which mask they last chose.
  • Right-click color tagging.−Give your favorite menu items their own highlight color in order to find them easily.

TKActions 7.2 Panels for Adobe Photoshop MacOS


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